RICOH THETA Plug-in Development Workshop (Oct 20) - In Tokyo

Customizing Your RICOH THETA 360° Camera with Plug-in Development

Organizing: The RICOH THETA Plug-in Development Community
Date and Time: Sat, Oct 20, 11am - 3pm
Registration Period: Sept 21 - Oct 18 (8pm)
Registration Fees: Free

Main Link (in Japanese): RICOH THETAプラグイン開発ワークショップ#1 - connpass




RICOH THETA V is a is a 360° camera with an Android™ based operation system and this open architecture allows development of third party plug-ins for the camera.

In this workshop, you can actually develop a plug-in and experience implementation workflow.


RICOH Plug-in Developer Makoto Shohara


In order to perform image / speech recognition using AI on the RICOH THETA V main unit, we will develop a plug-in referencing a TensorFlow™ sample.

In the workshop, we will perform object detection (people, dogs, cats etc.) based on TF Detect and create a plug-in that shuts off RICOH THETA V.

Requirements for Participation

  2. Be registered with the RICOH THETA Partner Program
  3. Experience with beginner level programming with VB, Java, Python, C, C++ etc.

Come Prepared With…

  1. A RICOH THETA V in Developer Mode
  2. A laptop (Windows 10 or a Mac) with Android Studio installed
  3. If possible, install Vysor


Time Details
10:45am Registration
11:00am Workshop Overview Description
11:30am RICOH THETA Plug-in Development and Plug-in Description
12:00 - 1:30pm Start Plug-in creation
1:30pm - 2:00pm Implementation of Plug-in into RICOH THETA V
2:00pm - 3:00pm Q&A
3:00pm Finish

Extra Information

Let us know what you want for lunch - Currently planning on pizza
If you do not have a RICOH THETA V but want to participation, let’s talk!

Main Link (in Japanese): RICOH THETAプラグイン開発ワークショップ#1 - connpass

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I would go to this if I were in Tokyo.

It looks like it’s at some type of co-working space. Maybe it’s cheap to rent for the weekend?

urban area, right in nihonbashi.

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