RICOH "Moku Moku" Meetup - Mar 13 - Tokyo - in Japanese

Posting this event info, in case you’re in Tokyo and doing THETA plug-in development!

It’s a RICOH THETA plug-in development Moku Moku Kai, meaning you show up, work on your own project, and there are people there from RICOH who can help with questions. No presentation or talk, just a chance to work and make progress.

When: Mar 13, starting at 6pm
Where: Fairly close to Shinagawa, Tokyo - Full address: Ōi, 1 Chome−21, Houkyo Bldg. Rm 304
Who: Anyone who wants to try THETA plug-in development
Cost: Free

Extra notes:

  • Owning a THETA V is not required
  • The Moku Moku Meetup is in Japanese

I would totally go if I were in Tokyo. We have our own moku moku kai this Thursday in Palo Alto at Hana Haus at 4pm.