Ricoh theta S Live Streaming Ubuntu/Linux

Hi all, I’ve been trying to get a live streaming of my Ricoh Theta S to use with OpenCv (in c++) with no luck. Has anyone done it before or know where I can get some information?

Thanks in advance!

The theta s should appear as a motionJPEG webcam on your computer. You should be able to use it the same as any other motionjpeg webcam.

I will look into it, thanks!

Please post additional usage or requirement info if you run into problems. ROS runs on top of Ubuntu.

Linux can detect the THETA S stream as dual-fisheye webcam without a separate driver.

I’ve been looking at the code there. What I need to do is, from the two fisheye cameras of the ricoh theta s get the equirectangular image in real time. I’ve seen that this is what they do in the repository with openCV and Cuda and then they pass those frames with a ROS Publisher. I was trying to replicate their code but I’m having a lot of problems with the cuda part. Do you know or have any information of how to transform the image received from the ricoh theta s to an equirectangular image without cuda? Something like the ricoh V sample but for the ricoh S.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Did you see that they have a repo with OpenCV and CUDA? I haven’t tried it, but maybe it is the Docker image they used with their ricoh_camera repo?

I don’t have a THETA S. Does this script not work?

ricoh_camera/scripts/ at master · RobInLabUJI/ricoh_camera · GitHub

You know that the THETA V outputs equirectangular live stream, right? You may be able to find one used online.

There may be other, older packages for the THETA S. At the moment, I can’t find the examples.

Here’s one for JavaScript

This is another example of stitching.

You may want to try and contact the people from the Robotic Intelligence Lab. The original repo.

I believe they are doing the same thing that you are doing with the THETA S. I believe they have two THETA S cameras working.

Though, it may be difficult for you to get the two cameras synchronized.

See this post that they are using two THETA S cameras.

Live Streaming over USB on Ubuntu and Linux, NVIDIA Jetson - #63 by jothomas

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It works, sorry for the late reply. Thanks a lot for the support!!

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Fantastic news! Thanks for reporting back. And thanks to @jothomas and the team at (Robotic Intelligence Lab at UJI) for making their research tools available.

Feel free to post more about your research.