RICOH THETA Virtual Booth at South by Southwest

RICOH THETA Virtual Booth at South by Southwest

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High Quality Live Streaming Virtual Art and Travel Experiences with Mobile THETA Plug-in

Full Video Presentation by Flow Tours CEO

Screengrab from the actual 360 live feed from Laszlo’s plug-in streaming with mobile data!

Presenter: Laszlo B. Varga, Software Architect and CEO

Description: Stream high quality mobile data from anywhere using your mobile phone! Intended for use in museums and other cultural institutions, but for individuals too. Special innovations enable higher quality light and images in live streaming from the RICOH THETA Z1.

Sample stream: LIVE STREAM SAMPLE - WINTER | FlowTours

Timing (Date and time): Tues, Mar 16, 11am, CDT

Zoom Link to join: (requires one-time email registration, then active Zoom link will be sent in email)

Platform for highly technical data collection for Telecom Infrastructure during construction, installation and commissioning

ECSite CEO Full Video Presentation

Presenter: Subbu Meiyappan, Founder and CEO

Description: End-to-end Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform using THETA to monitor equipment on cell phone towers. This presentation is 15 minutes long, so don’t be late!

Company site:
What does ECSite do?

Timing (Date and time): Wed, Mar 17, 12pm, CDT

Building a Global Team of Content Creators using the Ricoh Theta Z1

Threshold360 Full Video Presentation by Director of Field Operations

Presenter: Will Barrett, Director of Field Operations at Threshold 360

Company site:


  • Threshold 360 has built a tech stack compatible with Ricoh cameras including a capture app, dashboard, viewer, and publishing tools enabling a virtual tour to go from capture to live on a customer’s website in 24 hours.
  • Threshold 360 has recruited, trained, and worked with hundreds of photographers throughout the world capturing on high volume projects for hospitality & tourism partners. This Creator community is imperative to their success.
  • The above is possible because of the speed of capture, ease of use, and software integration that Ricoh hardware provides.

Timing (Date and time): Wed, Mar 17, 11am, CDT

Real-time 360° Live Streaming from THETA to Millicast Streaming Platform with WebRTC

Presenter: Ryan Jespersen, Streaming Engineer at Millicast
Company Site:

Description: This full end-to-end workflow will show how you can enable a new generation of interactivity with a 360 degree live feed from THETA to the Millicast real-time streaming platform to deliver WebRTC natively in any browser, on any device, at-scale, with sub-second latency and immersive quality colour and sound.

Timing (Date and time): Thurs, Mar 18, 12pm, CDT

Zoom Link to join: (requires one-time email registration, then active Zoom link will be sent)

Global Expedition from Home Tours to Field Trips through Tele-operated Drones and Robots

Presenter: Luke Lu, Founder at Tourmato
Connect with the founder:

Description: Tourmato builds a system that emulates in-person experience, letting e-learners or remote trippers see, learn and interact with exotic places and people by tele-operating drones and robots without travel pains. He will cover how the THETA is used as a part of the expedition.

Timing (Date and time): Fri, Mar 19, 3pm, CDT

Zoom Link to join: (requires one-time email registration, then active Zoom link will be sent)

Create a stunning 3D virtual tour in minutes

Presenter: Eric Tsai, Co-founder and CEO of Asteroom
Company Site:

Description: Create a stunning 3D virtual tour in minutes. Co-founder & CEO will explain how using a smartphone, THETA and the Asteroom 3D tour kit, you can create high-quality 3D virtual tours in minutes. No training or past experience required!

Timing (Date and time): Thurs, Mar 18, 10am, CDT

Video of Presentation Now on YouTube

Visual Special Effects and THETA


Full Video Presentaion by HDRI Application Developer

Presenter: Lionel Goldgewicht
HDRI application: ‎HDRI on the App Store
Free Dice with HDRI Lighting: ‎Virtual-Dice on the App Store

Description: The HDRI mobile app by Goldgewicht Consulting allows you to take a number of photos using a THETA which can be stitched together with your favorite software to constitute a high-dynamic-range image (in HDR or EXR format). This image can then be used as a source of lighting and reflection for a 3D scene. Lionel Goldgewicht is based in France and has 20 years specializing in the development of mobile and 3D applications for clients like Disney, Orange, and many more.

Timing (Date and time): Wed, Mar 17, 10am, CDT

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