RICOH THETA X Plugin Development with Flutter Beginner Tutorial

Get started with the RICOH THETA X plugin development with Flutter. Build your own applications to run inside the camera.

tutorial code: GitHub - codetricity/thetax_plugin_logo_demo
official RICOH documentation: theta-api-specs/ricoh-theta-plugin at main · ricohapi/theta-api-specs · GitHub


This is a demonstration of the API functionality of the RICOH THETA X plugin technology. The demo was made for a community video, not as a developer reference.

Features shown:

  • logo display
  • LCD scroll
  • move to next screen
  • take picture
  • set option
  • access external API site
  • return control to THETA internal app

limitations of demo

The code is not intended as a reference. The main goal was to show that the camera LCD was usable with a plugin. When take picture is pressed, there is a delay of several seconds.

debug plugin with adb connection over USB or Ethernet

While connected to USB

adb tcpip 5555

While connected to Ethernet

adb connect

adb will not function normally over Ethernet.

adb devices
List of devices attached      device

VS Code works with adb over Ethernet.

adb working

Request permissions

adb shell am start -a android.settings.SETTINGS

Enable logcat

adb shell setprop persist.log.tag 0

Disable logcat

adb shell setprop persist.log.tag A

View logcat

adb logcat | grep theta_debug

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Hi Craig,
I recently registered with the RICOH THETA Plug-in Partner Program to enable developper mode on my Theta, but didn’t get anyfeedback for many days.
Do you know if there’s a workaround to activate dev mode on the device by sending dedicated usb command?

You need to wait to hear back from RICOH. Did you try sending an email to

and ask about the status of your partner application.

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Yes, we went to the process and sent an email few days later to this email adress. I guess it takes some time to activate,
Thanks for your feedback

If you don’t get a response in a week, please post here again.

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