Ricoh Theta X Stops Video Recording Without Warning

We are currently using the Ricoh Theta X to capture 8k 2fps video in construction sites using the camera’s web api. There have been a variety of different scenarios where the camera operator will start a recording, and then part way through that recording, the camera will stop recording, and the video will not be saved and show a record time of “0:00” in the file menu of the camera. One additional note is that one of our camera operators said that when this was happening today that it would make 1 beep when stopping when the battery was inside the camera, and 2 beeps when stopping recording if it was being powered via USB

What I am curious about is what are the scenarios in which a recording is completed (either deliberately or accidentally) where the camera would not save the file properly.

Things we have considered but have not worked:

  • Battery level: the camera had plenty of battery level and did not fully shut off in these circumstances
  • Available Record Time: The camera had hours of available record time
  • Overheating: Any time the camera has stopped due to overheating, the video has been properly saved
  • Firmware version: The firmware versions of the camera are completely up to date
  • Auto power off setting: This is turned off
  • Format memory: This has been done and did not solve the issue
  • Resetting settings: Also did not fix things

How long are you trying to record for?

What do you have _maxRecordableTime set to?

Is there any error message?

RICOH THETA X or later

Event flag Error code Desription
0x00000001 NO_MEMORY Insufficient memory
0x00000004 FILE_NUMBER_OVER Maximum file number exceeded
0x00000008 NO_DATE_SETTING Camera clock not set
0x00000010 READ_ERROR Includes when the card is removed
0x00000020 NOT_SUPPORTED_MEDIA_TYPE Unsupported media (SDHC, etc.)
0x00000100 MEDIA_NOT_READY Error warning while mounting
0x00000200 NOT_ENOUGH_BATTERY Battery level warning (firmware update)
0x00000400 INVALID_FILE Firmware file mismatch warning
0x00000800 PLUGIN_BOOT_ERROR Plugin start warning (IoT technical standards compliance)

When performing continuous shooting by operating the camera while executing <Delete object>, <Transfer firmware file>, <Install plugin> or <Uninstall plugin> with the WebAPI or MTP.

Battery inserted + WLAN ON + Video mode + 4K 60fps / 5.7K 10fps / 5.7K 15fps / 5.7K 30fps / 8K 10fps
0x00002000 CANNOT_RECORD_LOWBAT Battery inserted AND Specified battery level or lower + WLAN ON + Video mode + 4K 30fps
0x00400000 CAPTURE_HW_FAILED Shooting hardware failure
0x00800000 CAPTURE_SW_FAILED Software error
0x08000000 INTERNAL_MEM_ACCESS_FAIL Internal memory access error
0x20000000 UNEXPECTED_ERROR Undefined error
0x40000000 BATTERY_CHARGE_FAIL Charging error
0x00100000 *1 HIGH_TEMPERATURE_WARNING (Board) temperature warning
0x80000000 HIGH_TEMPERATURE (Board) temperature error
0x00200000 BATTERY_HIGH_TEMPERATURE Battery temperature error

*1 RICOH THETA X firmware v1.40.0 or later

I am using the web api, and I am monitoring for some of these errors already, but I’ll take a look and see if any of the other errors might apply in this situation

are you saving the video file to the internal memory storage of the X or the removeable microSD card?

I’ll ask my contacts at RICOH if they have any ideas. I’m trying to collect information that might help to either isolate the problem or allow us to replicate it.

The internal memory storage. Thanks for taking the time to look in to this

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How often does this occur? Is it something around 1 in 10 videos?

How long is each video?

Is it frequent enough so that I can try and replicate it?

I’m going to send you and email from to try and get more context.

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Hello any updates on this topic?
I am facing the same problem.

Can you provide more information on how often the problem occurs?

How long is the video when the camera stops recording? Does it stop recording 10% of the time?

Are you testing it with only one camera?

What is the firmware version?

I went on two photo shoots with Theta X, experiencing file corruption both times with videos that were longer than 20 minutes, when attempting 25-minute 8K videos at 2fps on both occasions. Shorter videos of about 5 to 10 minutes, however, did not present this issue. Despite using the newest firmware, the problem persisted for the longer videos. Curiously, after using FFProbe to check the video errors, the files were repaired, leaving me puzzled about the cause. It seems that the issue might be related to the addition of metadata during the final save process.

Thanks for the additional information.

Note that I don’t work for RICOH. However, I work with @jcasman and we do submit reports of community feedback to RICOH. I’ll include this information in the report.

As you mention FFProbe, I’m wondering if you’re a developer. If you are, it would be useful to get the output of /osc/state to get the error code:

theta-api-specs/theta-web-api-v2.1/protocols/ at main · ricohapi/theta-api-specs · GitHub

@inuex35 what firmware version are you using in the X?