Robots + Unity + Oculus + Wifi Streaming

Meanwhile, on Twitter in Japan…

@tamtam tweets out “This is hilarious! In other words, it’s possible to set up viewing from THETA S on Oculus! #pepper #Kinect #unity #cedec2016

The link to the video looks like a demo at a show with the robot following the movements of the human exactly. Since it’s got the hashtag #cedec2016, I’m guessing… CEDEC 2016. :slight_smile:

Then @warapuri says “Here’s a project that allows replays of wifi streaming on Unity! This makes it possible for anyone to do wifi streaming! I used @noshipu’s blog as a reference. Thank you!

And then @warapuri tweets again “Adam Tryouts Now Available! Using Unity and Pepper and Kinect and ThetaS and Oculus, maybe you too can become a robot!

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