Simultaneously Trigger 2 THETA V Cameras with SONY MESH Plug-in?

I was talking to a community member about the possibility of triggering two THETA Vs with the SONY MESH plug-in. Although we haven’t tested this yet, it should be possible. If someone successfully tests this, please post a report.

I’m planning to use the SONY MESH kit from @jcasman to test this in the future.

The MESH Plug-in for RICOH THETA is here:

The MESH mobile app is here.

I haven’t tested this yet, but it could be an easy way to capture stereoscopic images.

Developers can also look into building a similar concept that doesn’t require SONY MESH. You need to build your own plug-in for that.


There’s a number of interesting uses of SONY MESH and the THETA, including remote control button and motion sensor. If you test this before I do, please post a report.



Update 9/13/2018

starting to get the components organized!


Hello @codetricity,

Did you had the chance to successfully finish the test of simultaneously triggering 2 theta V ?

I am looking for a way to capture 360 degree stereoscopic video, but before using (and buying) two theta Vs I want to be absolutely sure there is a way to synchronise the two video streams. Do you have any infos about that ?


At this time, I do not think it will work with the MESH Plug-in. I believe that the button can only be paired by Bluetooth with a single camera.

Are you saving the video to file or are you live streaming the THETA V?

For streaming, have you seen this article?

Can you share more information on your project requirements so that we can try and answer your question.

For example, do you need to press a button and start a live stream on two THETA Vs or do you need to press a button and then save the video to internal storage?

If it’s a live stream, do you need to stream over USB cable? Or, is Wi-Fi streaming acceptable?

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