Simultaneously Trigger 2 THETA V Cameras with SONY MESH Plug-in?


I was talking to a community member about the possibility of triggering two THETA Vs with the SONY MESH plug-in. Although we haven’t tested this yet, it should be possible. If someone successfully tests this, please post a report.

I’m planning to use the SONY MESH kit from @jcasman to test this in the future.

The MESH Plug-in for RICOH THETA is here:

The MESH mobile app is here.

I haven’t tested this yet, but it could be an easy way to capture stereoscopic images.

Developers can also look into building a similar concept that doesn’t require SONY MESH. You need to build your own plug-in for that.


There’s a number of interesting uses of SONY MESH and the THETA, including remote control button and motion sensor. If you test this before I do, please post a report.



Update 9/13/2018

starting to get the components organized!

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