Recent 360 Camera Reviews

I tend to avoid posting reviews and other news articles here, since I assume that most people will just google that type of information themselves. But a couple recent extensive reviews caught my eye. Both of these reviewers have spend some real effort comparing features and output. Posting just to be helpful. I have no connection to the review sites or reviewers, no inside info.

I don’t think people search for the news themselves. There’s so much news out there that human-curated news is more valuable.

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There are lots of 360 cameras on the maket and still many to come this year, but the THETA stills are still standing strong.
We have followed the 360 consumer products with great interest
and must say that 4K 360 videos with lossless stabilization are coming.
check this raw stitch from 2 circular 2800 x 2800 5.7 videos
Note: the video do not display on all mobile devices

The first known consumer camera to use this function are the Garmin VIRB 360 5.7 K action cam
the stabilization uses the gyro info in the file
the 2:1 Video are border less, so there are no cropping or quality loss
stabilization are made while rendering in the phone or desktop app.

something for the THETA 4Kto think of

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The Garmin example with stabilization and overlaid real-time data (it appears) is really impressive. Wow! Thanks for posting.

Read a full rewiew on DC Rainmakers site

Really long, detailed review. Ultimately, it’s more than double the price of the RICOH THETA, so I think that’s hard to compare. Still… I’d like to try it. :slight_smile:

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jcasman: It’s a big web, and I agree that calling out high-quality Theta-related content is a good thing. Keep it up.

I am surprised the author of the WireCutter piece considered the 1080p video resolution of the Theta S acceptable. Maybe he only tried it for small videos embedded in web pages. In a VR headset I find it completely unwatchable - too blurry, with no detail.

Also, look at the zipline example video from the 4k camera. The sky is cloudy and bright, and it causes the camera to under-expose the landscape, making it all black. The Theta S does the same thing. I wish the auto mode worked harder to expose for the land, not the sky. You really need to use HDR or manual controls on cloudy days.

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The Raw cirkular images are not full circle
se this unstitched examples

and stritched exambels

the images are not exactly 2:1 5640 x 2816

RAW Video from the strich test

KODAK PIXPRO 4K 360 are now on the market in Japan
i have to say stritch is a bit below our expectation.

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Here are a pdf with the tecknical data

Table of Contents

Regards Svendus

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Hi the inbuilt GPS in the Garmin VIRB 360 5.7K Action Cam captures GPS info on every image on a time-laps perfect for a Google Street View tour :grinning:
But the images are not exactly 2:1
5640 x 2816 i think this are not getting approved by Google :dizzy_face:

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Note : On THETA Time-laps GPS information are only on the first shot :cry:

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