The image from THETA S suddenly becomes a black screen.


I am using Python on a Windows PC to get the THETA S footage via USB.
At first I can acquire the video without any problem, but after a little while the image I acquire is a black screen.
If the THETA is disconnected or powered down, I get an error image “THETA UVC Blender Status:0x800705AA”, what does the black screen mean?

Is there any solution fro this problem?

I don’t have a THETA S right now, but I believe the live streaming output is motionjpeg in dual-fisheye. If you don’t need the equirectangular, you may have better success with Linux if you using Python with something like OpenCV.

See the project below.

Thank you for your response. I will refer to the repository you have provided.

Now I have installed UVC Blender and am trying to get the images converted to 2D. 3 THETA S and Windows can get the images without any problem, but only one of them is experiencing a black screen. The dual-fisheye image is also black screen from the middle of the image.

there might be a problem with the camera you have.

As I don’t have access to a THETA S anymore, I can’t test it. I found this old community document that has some information on THETA S streaming.

RICOH THETA Live Streaming

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