THETA 360 Gyro Removal TUTORIAL

Remove the camera gyro information from your video file. This is useful if the camera is under acceleration in situations like a race car. Might be relevant for people using the THETA in a drone.

Thanks to cerberusbrig for this fine contribution.

--manualAtomRemove "moov.udta.RDT5" --output test1-no-rdt5.mp4

credit to bboybz for figuring this out
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Cross-posting from a thread in Facebook, here’s an example video from community member Tony Whetstone using the Gyro Removal TUTORIAL:

BEFORE - note “rolling” orientation from approximately 1:00 - 1:18

AFTER - nicely stable in all directions


Is this any different to unchecking the option to use top/bottom correction during conversion time?

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@looeee Carl i think it will do the same thing actually
Next generation 360 cameras will have 6 axle gyro stabilization
then this problem are no more

I agree with @Svendus, I think that it probably does the same thing. I had actually forgotten about that option in the conversion software. This video might be relevant again if that conversion is automated in the future.

Thanks for pointing out that tip about the top/bottom correction at conversion time. :slight_smile:


I haven’t tested this personally, but I noticed this post in 360Rumors for doing batch processing of horizon correction:

I have a 360 camera that has 6 axis stabilization and another problem rises. Is the fps. They may have stabilization, but if they continue on using 30fps is not that good because, you can actually see blurry video. I have the Mijia Sphere, which is 3.5K and had 6 axis stab before the Insta360 One, and I’ve seen this problem in each camera that offers 6 axis stabilization.

We just need a higher framerate. Hope that GoPro Fusion have a better way to stabilize their shots!

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Daniel, good point on the combination of stabilization and frame rate. Thanks for pointing this out.

@sajornad Daniel it has a little to do with the way you hold the camera a THETA you might keep the camera with the stitch line Vertical but on the cameras you mention try to hold to horizontal but frame rate should be camera shooting standard Shooting Action should be 60fps but it is to day only 16:9 cameras like GoPro hero 6 and iPhone 8 that has that capacity with stabilisation
Edit: i think that a good Gyro Calibration in horisontal mode also are nessesary on cameras with 6 axle stabilisation to get good results.

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