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Theta + app animation exports

Hi everybody!

I was wondering if anybody is able to export animation videos from the Theta + app at a resolution higher than 720p?

I love the app, especially the customisable tiny planet animation, but the export quality is so low. If it’s not possible to export at a greater resolution, is anyone aware of an alternative program that can do the same thing?



I typed “tiny planet video from 360 image” into Google and this came up. I have no experience with Video Studio Pro. However, I see there is a free 30 day trial. If you try it and the software works for your purposes, let us know.

It looks like VideoStudioPro is $40 right now. It might be worth it, depending on your intended use.

I’m assuming that other video editing software has this feature. However, I haven’t been able to verify which ones of the feature and which ones don’t

Thanks for the tip Craig, I think this is a PC program, and I’m unable to use it on any of my devices.

Do you know if the Theta+ app can export at 1080?

It’s specifically the custom animation part of the Theta+ app that I’m trying to replicate, not sure if video studio could do that, but if you or anybody else knows a way of duplicating this effect from a 360 image, I’d love to hear about it!