THETA Tiny Planet Weekend

Lady and I took the THETA with us for some fun this past weekend:

It was all shot with the THETA, edited into tiny planets on THETA+ Video for Android, then put together with DaVinci Resolve. Enjoy!


Nice. Is DaVinci Resolve free to use
without restriction? Or, is the trial a download? It looks pretty awesome.

Nice technique of showing you and the woman walking on the beach

The THETA+ Video for Android app is cool. Using the workflow with DaVinci
Resolve, is there a way to make it is full screen in the YouTube window?
Can you rotate it 90 degrees in the mobile app?

You an the woman look so happy!

Haha yeah we had a good time! Resolve has a free version that’s a little light on functionality, but still has plenty of depth for a project like this one. I think the full version is near $1k, but is probably pretty robust.

I’m not sure about how to crop it on YouTube to make it full-er screen. I probably should have done it in Resolve before I uploaded it, but I couldn’t figure it out quickly enough to warrant it.

Does the RICOH app on Android let your turn it horizontally? Or, do you
need to use desktop software?

The app crashes on my Android phone. :frowning: I haven’t been able to use it and
thus am making tiny planet videos with desktop software.

I can’t find a way to turn it horizontal on the THETA+ app. You have a little control over twisting the image, but it still uses the phone’s natural layout.

Nice i liked the Happy End :kissing_closed_eyes:
playing the Video on the screen using Screen capture you get full control
and the output can even be 4K capturing on a 4 or 5K screen it gives you full resolution and you can ad sound and edit the Video in any editing software

The Gopro VR Player works on all platforms it can take the video steeples from planet to tunnel View
download it on this link it is free

A+ also is that you docent have to transfer huge video files to the phones memory via WiFi from the THETA S
at quit time consuming process.

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When I look at Karen Cheng’s video, there are also black bands along the right and left edges. I’m assuming that this is the output of the mobile phone software.

The other technique with the GoPro VR Player gives you a broader canvas, but the RICOH THETA+ Video app seems like it has better effects.

Yeah the video definitely has borders because it’s been exported from a mobile phone, but I eventually found a way to zoom in on DaVinci Resolve and that’s cut the borders down a bit.


make a screencast on using DaVinci Resolve for THETA S media and put it up on the YouTube Channel. :theta_s:

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