Theta-client 1.0.0 released on ricohapi GitHub

Official RICOH SDK, theta-client 1.0.0 just released.

community documentation being built up here:

theta-client | Developer information for RICOH THETA

Table of contents for community docs

  • Quickstart
  • Overview
  • Demo Apps
  • Documentation
  • Community Tips
    • cannot find ANDROID_HOME (Android)
    • zip END header not found (Android)
    • React Native: run pod install in ios folder
    • Change Equirectangular Image to 360 Navigation View (Flutter)
    • Build Flutter on Windows for Android
    • minSdkVersion (Android)
    • Failed resolution of: Lcom/ricoh360/thetaclient/ThetaRepository; (Flutter, Android)
  • Getting Help
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