RICOH’s theta-client Open Source SDK 1.3 Available for iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter

RICOH released version 1.3 of their official open source SDK earlier in July. Oppkey, the team behind, uses theta-client in our own development and find it a joy to work with. The SDK is a Kotlin Multiplatform library with open source examples for Android, iOS, React Native, and Flutter.

Code Simplication Comparison

18 lines of code reduced to 7 lines (not incuding comments and blank lines)

Official Tutorials

For each open source example in the SDK, there are tutorials provided:

New In v 1.3

In version 1.3, we now have access to the API documentation for theta-client.

Additional changes:

Example Usage

You can refer to the documentation directly or use a code editor such as VS Code to see the available camera options.

Let’s look at BitrateNumber and Bitrate, one of the new settings in theta-client to adjust the _bitrate option.

In VS Code, code completion nicely finds bitrate.

The output looks like this:

This great code savings. You can see the original code using a normal http request and JSON body. Perhaps more important than the time savings is the reduction in potential human errors.

Before theta-client 1.3

After theta-client 1.3

Nice and slim!

Getting theta-client 1.3.0

You can see the available tags at Tags · ricohapi/theta-client · GitHub

Checkout 1.3.0.

git clone
cd theta-client
git checkout 1.3.0
git switch -c 1.3.0

Alternately, get version 1.3 from the release page.