Theta-client 1.8 released

theta-client is the official SDK from RICOH to communicate with the THETA WebAPI. Supported THETA models:

  • THETA Z1
  • THETA S (firmware version 01.62 or later)

Open source demos are available for Android native, iOS native, React Native and Flutter.

Changes from 1.7.1

  • Add following properties to ThetaState class: externalGpsInfo, internalGpsInfo, boardTemp and batteryTemp
  • Fix memory leaks
  • Update coroutines library
  • Update ktor library and krypto library
  • Add ProGuard settings so that applications need not set ProGuard
  • Add to tutorials how to set numeric bitrate on still shooting
  • Support https for live preview to use fake-theta

Note from Craig

If you use fake-theta, see this note from the fake-theta README

Please note that Fake THETA returns a single JPEG frame while the actual THETA device returns stream of MotionJPEG frames with Transfer-Encoding: chunked header when calling camera.getLivePreview API.


Linking to a previous article by @Leighton_Miguel on how to build and use the React Native demo that is included in the theta-client SDK. This is built on a previous version of the SDK but since it was just posted a month ago, my guess is that it still works fine.

The theta-client SDK supports and has demos for Mac, Android, React Native, and Flutter.

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I tried this on Windows for Flutter and I got this error:

flutter pub get
Resolving dependencies...
Because demo_flutter depends on theta_client_flutter from path which doesn't exist (Path dependency for package theta_client_flutter must refer to a directory, not a file. Was "C:\Users\craig\Documents\Development\ricoh\2024\theta-client\demos\demo-flutter\packages\theta_client_flutter".), version solving failed.

I believe the problem is with this file:


I’m going to copy and paste the flutter folder into the packages folder, then rename the flutter folder to theta_client_flutter


Now flutter pub get works

flutter pub get
Resolving dependencies... (1.5s)
+ leak_tracker 10.0.0 (10.0.5 available)
+ leak_tracker_flutter_testing 2.0.1 (3.0.5 available)
+ leak_tracker_testing 2.0.1 (3.0.1 available)
> matcher 0.12.16+1 (was 0.12.16)
> material_color_utilities 0.8.0 (was 0.5.0) (0.11.1 available)
> meta 1.11.0 (was 1.10.0) (1.14.0 available)
> path 1.9.0 (was 1.8.3)
  test_api 0.6.1 (0.7.0 available)
  video_player 2.8.4 (2.8.5 available)
  video_player_web 2.1.3 (2.3.0 available)
+ vm_service 13.0.0 (14.2.0 available)
These packages are no longer being depended on:
- web 0.3.0
Changed 9 dependencies!
9 packages have newer versions incompatible with dependency constraints.
Try `flutter pub outdated` for more information.


flutter devices
Found 4 connected devices:
  sdk gphone64 x86 64 (mobile) • emulator-5554 • android-x64    • Android 14 (API 34) (emulator)

flutter run -d emulator-5554
Launching lib\main.dart on sdk gphone64 x86 64 in debug mode...
Running Gradle task 'assembleDebug'...

Incidentally, the build took quite a while on the Ryzen 5700u computer that I’m testing. CPU utilization hit 100%.

However, eventually, it did run and launch.

Live preview works.

Take picture works.


  • Flutter 3.19.5
  • Windows 11 Home 22H2

This is the small $269 computer that I’m testing.

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Your Ryzen 5700u computer looks small under the not-actually-very-big THETA X!

about at 10:00, I’m showing the build of theta-client 1.8 on the MiniPC

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