Theta in Space: Ricoh partners with Japanese Space Agency (JAXA)

From Imaging Resource:

Through a partnership with JAXA, Japan’s equivalent of NASA, a newly-developed Ricoh Theta camera based on the company’s consumer 360-degree camera line will be mounted on a JAXA / Sony-developed module called SOLISS, the Small Optical Link for International Space Station.

Direct link to JAXA info:


are you aware that all photos taken with a Theta V are allocated a near enough GPS coordinate to about 40m accuracy?

its a problem I have been trying to get some awareness of for some years. no one seems to care.

Instead of embedding lat long like this DD.DDDDDDD with 7 decimal places, all photos are embedded with only a few decimal places, meaning they plot on a grid of 40 by 40 metres.

Please ask your technical team to explain why this happens. look at the streetview at this location.,174.9252222,19z