Theta S enter live mode on power on


I’m building a robot with theta s and I need theta s to enter live mode when power is applied. Theta is connected via USB. I tried to set StillCaptureMode to Live streaming mode, but it doesn’t work.

Is there any solution fro this problem?

For the THETA S, can your robot use the WiFi API to set the mode?

Set the value to _liveStreaming with the API and you should be good to go.

Please advise if you’re using the USB API or the WiFi API and if you’re using the USB API, if it is possible to use the WiFi API in your project.

The THETA S will not turn on when power is applied. You need to push the power button. If you can’t leave it you, you’ll need to try something like the RICOH R Dev Kit.

The RICOH R Dev Kit will turn on in live streaming mode.

Additional articles on the RICOH R Dev Kit

This robot uses the THETA S.

Hi! Thank you for your answer!

I’m using USB API. The user doesnt has physical access to the camera (it is inside waterproof enclosure), so as I understand, only way to go is to use RICOH R.

Please verify the RICOH R Development Kit features yourself if possible. I do not have one in my office right now. However, I did borrow one from a friend for testing and from my recollection, I believe it turned on when I plugged it in… The user manual link is below and I’ve listed the relevant portion in the screenshot:

Also, the RICOH R Dev Kit is based on the THETA S technology. If you want 4K live streaming, you may want to ask Ricoh if they will update the RICOH R Dev Kit to the THETA V technology.

As you have the THETA S now, I’m assuming that you can set it to live streaming mode with this?

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I’m also assuming that the main problem is that you can’t turn on the camera after it turns off due to the requirement for the button press.

Set To Live Streaming Mode

NOTE: Live streaming can’t be received on a Raspberry Pi due to lack of Linux kernel support of UVC 1.5. You cannot set the THETA S to turn on when power is applied. You must press the power button

pi@raspberrypi ~/Pictures $ ptpcam --set-property=0x5013 --val=0x8005

'Still Capture Mode' is set to: [Normal]
Changing property value to 0x8005 [(null)] succeeded.

Set back to still image mode

pi@raspberrypi ~/Pictures $ ptpcam --set-property=0x5013 --val=0x0001

'Still Capture Mode' is set to: 0x8005 (-32763)
Changing property value to 0x0001 [(null)] succeeded.

The THETA S can be powered by the USB cable for long periods of time. People have used it in continuous use for months. Maybe it will meet your requirements if a lab worker can press the power button if it powers down? You must also be careful about the heat under water.

FYI, someone built this at a hackathon.

More info here: