THETA S Firmware Upgrade Adds Wired Remote Support

The RICOH THETA S now supports the CA-3 Cable Adapter, which is available on the RICOH site for $39.95. This is a wired shutter release accessory. The adapter connects to the THETA S with a bundled USB cable.

You’ll need to upgrade to firmware 01.62. Information on checking your battery level with the API and upgrading the firmware is here. The official RICOH mobile app can also show you battery status. So, there’s no need to use the API unless you think it’s cool.

If you want to hack your own remote, there is a lot of information available on using the RICOH THETA S API over a USB cable.

you can’t do battery hack if you use this remote .

Thanks for the update on your experience. I don’t have this wired remote
and it’s good to know that you can’t access the camera WiFi API while the
remote is plugged in. If someone (preferably a company) were to build a
wired remote, the developers could use the USB API to grab battery
information and trigger the pictures and video. It’s possible to build
something around a Raspberry Pi Zero. See this info.

Of course, this is not helpful if you’re not trying to build a product.
However, maybe the entrepreneurial bug will get you and you’ll build a
small business to meet the need for this type of accessory that you could
make some money from?

Has anyone ever tried the JJC version of this shutter release? Much cheaper…$17 vs $50


That’s a nice find. If it’s compatible with the CA-3, it may work. I put this out on Twitter to try and get more feedback. :slight_smile: :theta:

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