THETA Selfie-Stick

Two new selfie sticks are listed on the RICOH THETA Accessories page and should be on sale soon.




TM-2 - larger version of stick

TM-3 smaller version

Camera Connection

Would be nice to actually test these sticks with the THETA and see if it eliminates the nadir.

Nice to have the joint be able to bend. However, I personally don’t use this bending feature. Do other people use this bending function?

I just do not understand why TM-2 has a bending joint. That’s why I choose TM-3 at last. In fact , i would rather choose a TM-2 without bending joint.

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Thanks for the feedback on the bending joint. I actually don’t use the bending joint myself and I’ve always wondered if there was a technique to use it. It might be useful for Single Lens Shooting.

maybe you are right. And TM-2 could also be double as a cellphone selfie stick.
I also notice there are battery grip. What if TM-3 has a usb-C connector on the top while I can connect battery grip on the bottom.