Theta SC2 - Extending video recording time per clip !

I got a SC2 recently, and unfortunately i didn’t know the video is limited to 3 minutes ! I would have not minded if the camera continues to shoot in 3 minute videos, but it doesn’t, I need to shoot content, especially dance floor content, and i don’t want to keep pressing the video button every 3 mins. i find this absurd and there should be some firmware update that fixes this.

A used THETA V can take up to 25 minutes per recording.

More expensive options are the THETA X and THETA Z1.

For the SC2, you may be able to get inexpensive task automation apps to run the start and stop video automatically in a loop.

I do not know of a way to modify the firmware to extend the video time on the SC2.

task automation on the android app?

I am not that familiar with the automation apps. I’ve just read on the forum that some people have used these types of automation apps. Unless you want the technical challenge, it may be better to try and return the SC2 if it is under the return window and then get a camera model with a longer video limit.

It would be easy to build an android app that does this. However, it would take someone a couple of days.

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