Theta V google streetview shooting

Hello guys,

please help me, need to understand one thing.

Trying to shoot some streetview videos, to post them on the map, in Theta APP is set that video should be 25mins lenght, but google streetview app cutting them for each 3 mins, how i can change this thing ?

Or i should shoot by Theta V app, and after this import them on streetview.

Hi, @DeepEvIL
This is “Known Issue” of video mode publishing for Street View. You can not control the video length. It always stops and go at every 3 mins or less than 1.8GB file size.

Good luck!!


Thanks for this clarification. This is what I thought, but it’s great to get a precise answer. I didn’t know about the 1.8GB size limit. I thought the limitation was only the time.

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