THETA to Support 4K Video, Spatial Audio and Open Camera OS

From International VR Photography Association Conference (IVRPA) VIENNA 2017, June 3-6 2017, Tomohiro Noguchi, General Manager, Product Planning Division, Ricoh. (Audio starts at 1:25)

Please do not forget to make it possible to render a lossless stabilized border less 2:1 Video, by importing the Gyro Meta data from the image file
and a possibility to shot circular Raw images for 90 degree external stritch

Regards Svendus

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@Svendus I’ll make sure the product manager sees this feature request from you.

@jcasman Thank You we edited the text to make it more clear

possible to render a lossless stabilized border less 2:1 Video

90 degree external stitch

Note: 2 Shots = 4 images

Stitched in PTGui Pro

Crop and mask

or stitched in Auto Pano Giga

Note You can only play the index.html file in the Output folder offline in the Mozilla Firefox browser

A 90 degree external stitch gives better image quality because the unsharp areas in the Lens periphery are cropped away and disappears in the overlay in the stitch it is only the sky and ground that little blurry :wink:

Example Panorama

Well, this is interesting! The latest update information on the THETA apps on the official site includes the following improvements:

<Editing app>
■THETA+ for iPhone
・4K time lapse videos can now be saved.
*iPhone 6s and later
・The user interface was improved for easy use.

Emphasis added by me. Has anyone used this yet? Pretty cool!

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I think iPone 6S can display 4K time-lapse my old iPhone 6 can not

select all transfer

it takes quite a long time to transfer 200 images