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Shooting Time-Lapse with THETA S

Hi Guys got the Photo mast ready for shooting on 9 meters height
it is nice summer weather now so we will give it a try
planning to shoot the sunrise - mitt day and sunset
are there any settings that you should observe to get a good result

Have You Noticed that the #butterfly3d tag are not running anymore

Regards Svendus


Wow, that’s impressive! I have noticed that 360 images often work well from a higher vantage point. 9m could be really great in some cases. Neat.

PS. No, had not noticed that the #butterfly3d tag is not working. I can confirm it does not work for me.

it became a nice sunset shooting right Now :theta_s:

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Mounting the Skypanorama pole
4K Time-Lapse about mounting a 9 meter pole for high Resolution Sky Panorama, followed up with a 982 images THETA S Time-Lapse
Play with the Projections :grinning:


Who makes that tripod? I really like that. I was using a mount that required my driving my Jeep tire on top of the mount base to hold it down for my long pole mount. I need to get my hands on one of those tripods.


@Bob_White it is Aluminium Custom build on U profiles here in the workshop,
the pipes are two 50mm American alu flagpooles set together, we only use four sektions when shooting with the DSLR the remote controle cable are not longer :rofl:


Are there any reason why the Time-Lapse settings Ends with 200 images
The Theta S can shoot for hours together without any problem overheating :theta:

@Svendus, actually, both iOS and Android THETA apps allow you to set the limit as “Not Specified” and you can continue taking pictures indefinitely.

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Great this was without my notice Thank You @jcasman

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Actually, I didn’t notice it either. I was expecting it listed after 200, not before 2. So I looked a couple times, but missed seeing it. @codetricity pointed it out.

No, logically, this setting should lay after 200 images

I agree, that was my reaction, too.

Rendered now a full 4K video

The 4k Video lays now as no 1 in the Pano2VR viewer
But if the visitor have an old tablet or smartphone that can not display 4K Video
or are on a super low connection speed it will be detected
and the HD version will be played automatically

The 4K video are rendered in MAGIX Pro X 3480x1920 pixel Mpeg4
we are actuarily learning this advanced program at the moment
it is completely different from “Movie Studio Platinum 14.0” that we are familiar with

with no hardware acceleration it takes over 25 minutes to render the 1.5 min Video :grinning:

MAGIX Pro X use almost all the memory on this machine and the processors run att 100%

I don’t have MAGIX Pro X, so I don’t have any questions there. Just a few quick comments. The perspective from the 9m poll is fantastic, and, as usual, the Pano2VR controls and music are nice. It took me a short while to realize you covered the nadir with a tiny planet image. After watching the default (?) tiny planet version for a little bit, I used Change Control Mode to view in wider mode and move around within the 360 video. Zoomed in on your greenhouse and your neighbor’s house. The moving and shifting shadows of the clouds in the time lapse are really cool. Thanks for posting, as always.

Yes we cowered the sunrise - midday and sunset nadir with 3 different tiny planet images and the big red lens flare on the HD midday shot

the image are 24bit .png stretched out over the midday video sequence as an owerlay

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Transport to the next skypanorama


To get good results, never use full Auto as you cannot set the white balance. As the light changes it becomes unreliable and the video flickers. Use ISO priority for best results



I see what you’re referring to here. But can you give a few more details? “Full” Auto obviously doesn’t allow any custom settings. I see ISO priority and how you can also set White Balance and Exposure Value (EV). I guess it’s just a matter of experimenting, but in this case, to stop the video flickering, like you mention, what settings would you suggest? I’m trying to get better at this myself, so curious for any suggestions.


But will it hinder the clouds shadowing the sun and the wind shaking the 9000 x 50 mm pole ?

Actually, Jesse and I both missed this, but the THETA project manager pointed it out to us.