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This post by community member dakami on the official forum touches on some possible issues with live streaming. Most importantly, dakami seems to feel that the THETA UVC 1.50 ( the USB Video) support is pretty basic. I suspect this is one reason we may be having some issues with certain applications.

Re: Controling H.264 encoder via UVC 1.5
Postby dakami » 26 Jan 2017, 14:44

Right now, the UVC 1.50 support is pretty raw. Forget controlling capture parameters, it only barely gets any sort of stream out at all.

There’s some twisty path wherein they sort of have in working in Windows, it seems, but it’s not like it just shows up as another codec and resolution pair. I’m diving into the driver trying to fix it (I managed to get the PS3 camera working much nicer). I randomly found out recently that Wireshark has super nice USB sniffing now on Windows, so if I can get it up there (and thus far, I haven’t really) I can force whatever parameters are needed.

Ah, it’s never easy. At least 720p15 works without too much drama.


Windows 7 Max Resolution 1280x720

This has been brought up before, but thought I would emphasize that the max resolution and framerate on Windows 7 is 1280 x 720 and 15fps.

See the official specifications.



On my computer does not appear the option UVC FullHD Blender.

1-OBS Version 0.16.2 (mac)> 1280x720
2-Wirecast Version 7.0.1 (mac)> 1280x640 - 15QPS

See the photos above.

My installed settings:

-Ricoh Firmware: 01.82
· UVC 1.5 is now supported, so live streaming can be output in full HD 30 fps.

Ricoh for Mac Application Version: 2.3.3

-Theta UVC Register (THETA UVC Blender v.1.0.2)

-Adobe AIR:

OSX El Capitan version 10.11.6


go for THETA UVC 1.50

if this do not work go for the latest system upgrade on your Mac

Regards Svendus


Did you download and update the live-streaming app after Nov 16th? Please try and download it again, reinstall and then reboot your Mac.


Now yes! Perfect! Thank you master!


This was contributed by community member Petr Ewsr. I have not tested it.

I found with this error the following fixed it:
Have the Ricoh camera plugged in and in Live Mode
Open device manager. (Right Click on My Computer and click on Manager)
You should see, under Universal Serial Bus controllers, a USB Composite Device whose icon has a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it.
Right click this and click Disable.
Right click it again and click Uninstall, check the box that says Delete the driver software for this device.
Click OK.
Scroll to the very top of device manager and right click on your computer name.
Click Scan for Hardware Changes.

You computer should then detect the Ricoh camera as an imaging device. You can check by expanding the imaging section in device manager.

Hope this helps