Theta V live streaming using Pi 3



I dont have Theta V on hand at this moment. I am success live streaming from pi 3 using Theta S. Are you tried use Theta V with pi 3? You said kernel not support uvc1.5, Is it possible connect theta V to pi keep uvc1.0 for live streaming low resolution? I want to know change camera in future and without change pi 3 and software.


The THETA S works with the Raspberry Pi without any problems.

The THETA V will not work with the Raspberry Pi as far as we know. There is no way to use UVC 1.0 with the THETA V.

This thread suggests a way to get a Raspberry Pi to work with UVC 1.5. However, there has been no reported success.

People have reported success with the THETA V and the Android OS, which also uses the Linux kernel.

someone may have it working with a Raspberry Pi right now using the UVCCamera driver. However, we don’t have verification. If you get it working with a UVC 1.5 camera, please report back and ideally share the driver code. :slight_smile: