Theta V - OBS - 360+2D

Many apologies if this is the wrong place for this:

If I were to live stream to Youtube, via OSB with a Ricoh Theta V, would I be able to make different scenes within OBS and switch between a 360 stream (which is controllable in YouTube) and a 2D video on my computer (or any number of OBS inputs)?

I can’t find anything anywhere on this, which makes me think it’s a no-no.

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@scottwmatthews, welcome to the community.

I believe that you can embed the 2D scene into the 360 video. People have done similar things with MimoLive.

I don’t think you can switch the 360 video live features off during your YouTube event.



Will your event work with a video in video technique?

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Hey Craig, many thanks for you reply. It’s such a shame I will not be using a Mac computer, as Mimi seems to be a solution. I might have to look into a h a c k intosh. I think the event could work with a video in video technique, but I was thinking to present the other video as full screen, quite cinematic, without the user having to navigate to it in the 3D space…but this is a great start! I imagine one could have arrows directing users to embedded content within the scene.

I don’t suppose you know of a software like Mimi, but for a WIndows system? I’ve had a look and can’t find anything similar with scene embeds etc.

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I’m not that familiar with using two video sources and merging them. You may be able to use standard software to combine two video sources into one stream. OBS may be able to do this as well. I think that when you start the YouTube Live Event, you need to specify that it is 360 and you can’t change it after the event starts. Maybe you can simply stream two events simultaneously from two different laptops? The audience would need to have two browser windows open.



Cool idea. I’ve heard of less technical solutions work. The TV show “Dancing With The Stars” used to have multiple “behind the scenes” YouTube channels that people could look in on before and after the live show. I think it was 7-8 channels total, each one from a different angle (back stage, behind the judges, from the audience, etc.). One of them was a 360 channel. They would use a THETA for blocking out shots, but ultimately used a much more expensive rig for “broadcast quality” videos.

In other words, they set up multiple YouTube channels to broadcast different streams at the same time.

Here’s an example of a THETA recording from in the middle of the dance floor:


Mr Casman, thank you for your reply! Yes, I think the multiple streams idea is a possible way forward. The company will be investing in a high end camera at some point, but for this project, I think concentrating on the Theta as the main camera and place it in the best position for each scene (during a scene change) is the best option (as Codetricity also mentioned). I’ll build a rig on wheels, and have everything running off that! My Theta is arriving tomorrow, so can start some basic tests.

I’m sure as the technology advances there will be more possibilities for mixed format storytelling!

I will have some questions in the coming days, probably related to my ‘Johnny 5’ rig, should I start a new thread?

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@scottwmatthews, yes, if it’s a different topic, please start a new thread. Makes it easier for others to pick and choose. Definitely interested in hearing about your Johnny 5 rig!

The “Dancing with the Stars” example is a great illustration of how 360 video can augment the audience experience.

From the viewers perspective, do they need to open up two tabs side by side to show the different views (360 and 2D)? Or, is there an easier way to switch between the two different YouTube channels?

It seems technically possible to create a web app that allows someone to switch between the two channels.

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Thank you for your diagram, I do like a diagram! Hmm, It seems it’s possible to embed live streams within web pages, perhaps one could embed two live stream YouTube feeds side-by-side on a page? There’s probably a more robust way to do it, using some sort of switcher method as you suggest - which would benefit mobile viewing of course with screen real-estate being a thing to consider. Also if people would like to use headsets to view the main 360 feed, that would require some readjustment when moving focus to the other.

I’ve worked on a live theatre show where a code-person did this switching, which we controlled

It’s certainly food for thought. Of course, we could also manage audiences expectations by stating quite clearly that there are multiple ways to experience the performance. You could either do the 360 feed only, in VR without interruptions (in headset), in a browser (side-by-side) which includes the added content. Wow! a lot to think about!

I’ll keep you updated with tests, Theta V is due to be here in the next 3 hours, excited am I !

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Here is my diagram for the proposed design of the rig! Angle-poise system to get closer to the floor or up high, and on 3 wheels for easy on-the-spot turning. Possibly a 360 spinning mount so the cameras lens can always face the action (and not the seam line). Possibly need an LED light on there too, depending on the darkness of the scene.

Thinking that I can quickly adjust the camera at scene changes - if the scene is on the floor, wheel the camera into position and lower the angle-poise to get close to the action.

The show is about the arms trade and weaponary, and there will be a large number of small missile-looking devices that light up and emit music all over the set, so it won’t look out of place having this thing at various points on the set. Might try and make out of metal so it looks more industrial.

Theta was JUST delivered too :smile:


Wow, that is a fantastic graphic. So cool I just awarded you, by the power invested in me by the community, the Use of Cool Graphic badge! Nice work. :partying_face: :3theta_s: :partying_face:

At first I thought the 360 swivel base would not be needed. But I was convinced that you might want to face the camera towards the action (the “front” lens is the one opposite the side with the shutter button) to help with seam line issues.

How’s it going with the new THETA so far?

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Ahh mate, that’s just made my day! Thank you!

You are correct, I thought that a solution might be needed to control the seam line.

THETA is great and it’ll be a great asset on our journey into VR, although the plan has changed. Instead of live streaming, we are now going to concentrate wholly on a polished 360 film of the show. We questioned whether the online audience would benefit in any way watching it live, and to be honest, all of the benefits came from a really well edited, polished film that we could add our music to in-edit, and really carefully consider our shots with storyboards (but considering the 360). It’s actually rather exciting.

I’ve also been importing footage into Premiere Pro - and It’s brilliant what you can do. Placing graphics into the scene, placing video into the scene - it’s given me ideas to produce a 360 animated comic…but that’s for another day! I’ve even done a test where you can move the 360 camera via keyframing, which is then transcoded into the Youtube video…but the user is STILL able to pan around and override my edit…so cool.

And that’s not to say we won’t livestream 360 later next year on the next project, and we can actually factor that in so that it has meaning live.

So, it’ll be more of a 360 feature film, of a theatre play, possibly in 2 parts, with narration and techno music…I’ll have to make sure you 2 get an invite when it’s released. Would love you to see what we get up to!

Just out of interest, one of my remits is to introduce the work of the theatre to wider online audiences. The 360 film is my response to that, and would love to hear any input you might have on getting more eyes on it globally, or even just the US. The premiere will be absolutely free to view, no strings attached, no adverts - we really just want the numbers. It’ll be hosted via Youtube I imagine.

I can send you a document with a bit more detail if that helps?

And lastly, because of these changes, it appears my Johnny5 is no longer required :frowning: Perhaps he’ll make a comeback next year!


@scottwmatthews Yes, if you have a document that going into more detail, I’d be interested in seeing it.