THETA X Firmware 2.50.2 Improves USB API in Unofficial Community Tests

I previously wrote about the range of improvements to the THETA X with the 2.50.2 firmware.

Recently, I also found that the USB API was improved. prior to these tests, I disabled the auto-mount feature of Ubuntu 22.04

take picture

gphoto --trigger-capture

show summary info

gphoto2 --summary
Camera summary:                                                                
Manufacturer: Ricoh Company, Ltd.
  Version: 2.50.2
  Serial Number: 14113409

set to video mode

gphoto2 --set-config=5013=32770

start video

gphoto2 --set-config movie=1

stop video

gphoto2 --set-config=/main/actions/opcode=0x1018,0xFFFFFFFF

take 10 second video, then stop

gphoto2 --set-config movie=1 --wait-event=10s --set-config movie=0

take 30 second video, then stop

gphoto2 --set-config movie=1 --wait-event=30s --set-config movie=0

put camera to sleep

gphoto2 --set-config=/main/other/d80e=1

wake up from sleep

gphoto2 --set-config=/main/other/d80e=0

set to still image mode

gphoto2 --set-config=5013=1

set to interval shooting mode

gphoto2 --set-config=5013=3

put in live streaming mode

gphoto2 --set-config=5013=32773

put in still image mode from live streaming

gphoto2 --set-config=5013=1

Have not tested for long periods of streaming

set to multi bracket shooting mode

gphoto2 --set-config=5013=32772

confirm live streaming on Linux

NOTE: l learned from RICOH that the specifications for the API does not include the ability to send MTP commands when the camera is streaming. I confirmed the expected behavior in my tests. The stream did not stop when I was viewing the stream. However, when I stopped the streaming application, I was able to switch from live streaming to still image. At this point, I could not get camera back into streaming mode with the API.


USB API is improved in my tests. Prior to the firmware upgrade to 2.50.2, I saw inconsistent behavior with image capture and changing the camera mode. In my recent tests, the behavior is consistent.