THETA X Heat Test with External Battery

Test of RICOH THETA X potential overheating problem when used with an external battery capable of outputting 5V 3 amps. Did not have any overheating problem in 116 minute test in which 116 pictures were taken.


Power Bank is connected to inline current meter, which is directly connected to THETA X.



  • RICOH THETA X firmware 2.00.0
  • 11K image, HDR
  • THETA X connected to WiFi for the entire test
  • Internal GPS is on
  • Camera supplied power with Portable Power Bank 5V 3.1A
  • X LCD screen brightness set to auto
  • indoor inside office
  • interval shoot at 60 seconds
  • battery is inside the camera


after 116 minutes

  • 116 pictures
  • internal camera battery at 96% (camera did not start with full charge)
    • charge is not increasing beyond 96%
  • camera body is not warm when touched with hand