THETA X Plug-in API Update Enables "Disable Power Button"

In firmware 1.40, the power button of the theta x can be disabled.

This feature is also available in Z1 firmware 2.10.3 and later.

Disable Power Button Feature

Plugin can disable power button feature to enter to sleep mode, and to power off the device. Even if disabling it, plugin can receive the key event with KEYCODE_POWER (26). This Broadcast Intent is available with RICOH THETA X firmware v1.40.0 and RICOH THETA Z1 firmware v2.10.3 or later.

Intent Description
com.theta360.plugin.ACTION_ENABLE_POWER_BUTTON enable power button feature(default)
com.theta360.plugin.ACTION_DISABLE_POWER_BUTTON disable power button feature

More Information on THETA Plug-in Development

The plug-in development information was moved to GitHub in Oct 2022. Links to available documentation can be found in the README.

theta-api-specs/ at main · ricohapi/theta-api-specs · GitHub

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