THETA X - SDK - Camera API Examples and Documentation Status


I spent some time analyzing the example and trying to make changes in my HDR wireless live streaming plugin to make it work for Theta X too. I got runtime exceptions and I couldn’t make it run properly by using the new class. Mainly seems that there is a conceptual change and at we need to pass application context too, which isn’t clear for me why? Anyway I will have to spend probably much more time because of these changes in SDK/API… I’m able to run camera in dual fisheye mode, but unable to control the camera properly, probably it would make sense if I download the full source code of plugin library and try to debug there and not using it by reference in build.gradle.

Will come back and update you here, once I’ve more clarity and have some time to play with.

We’re hoping to get the source code for the RICOH Wireless Live Streaming plug-in that works on the X. However, I think the delay might be due to required checks for legal compliance on the licenses.

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