THETA X USB API with Firmware 1.20.0

since the update of the firmware from 1.00.2 to 1.20.0,

I have been unable to capture photos using gphoto.
this used to work before

I am still able to set and get config successfully using gphoto
is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

with gphoto2

X with firmware 1.20.0

Works as expected on MacOS

Using exiftool on metadata

showing file taken and downloaded with USB API was taken with X using firmware 1.20.0

Z1 with firmware 2.10.3

so it turns out i got on multibracket shooting mode on via some fat finger incident, and that does not work with capture image via ptp. I reset all settings in the device and got things to work now. My bad. thanks for taking the time to help me verify


Great news. Thanks for letting us know that the USB API is working with THETA X firmware 1.20.0

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