Theta X using enough power and transfer data into Linux.

Hello guys,
Recently we will try to use Theta X to attain Live-streaming. To avoid battery temperature too high to power off our device, we take our battery and input 5V/5A power from 4s battery. Moreover, we hope Live-streaming data could go into our computer, we break down our typec-USB cable line and plus extra power. However, PC could configure my device, but Theta X still show " Using wrong power supply". Could anyone give me some suggest? Thanks !

I have it running with Ethernet without the battery using passthrough power.

put an inline meter on it.

Note that the camera is consuming 9v in my test. I don’t work for RICOH and am not sure what the official specs are. However, you can run a test yourself and see how the camera behaves.

I tried it today, but I don’t have a cable to connect the USB passthrough power to the Jetson Nano. I ordered a cable from Amazon and will test it later.

For the Z1, I needed to use a powered hub that was BC 1.2 compliant.




Thanks for your immediate reply. I have order a type-c current monitor and waiting for it come. When it arrive I will keep try it. Below table is experiment that I have test.

  1. Succeed - IPad Power
  2. Succeed - Raspberry Pi 5V/3A power
  3. Failed - typeC-USB cable and plus external power(5V/5A)

I will keep update if I have any new result.