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Theta Z1/Dual Fish Eye HDR-DNG Too Dark!

I used the Dual Fish Eye plug-in set to DNG-HDR 3 exposures, 5 exposures, 7 exposures and 9 exposures. All of the resulting files are way too dark. They’re so dark that I can’t save them in my editing software. I am using the self-timer function on the camera (since the camera won’t pair to my iPhone using the plug-in). Without a preview, I’m relying on the automatic metering of the Z1.

Does anyone understand why this is happening and what I need to do, to fix it? Thanks so much in advance for your tech help here.

Perhaps your editing software can’t handle HDR properly?
What are you using?

Hi. I am using ON1 (which replaces LR and Photoshop). It’s almost as if the metering in the camera is off . . . but I don’t know. Maybe there’s a setting that has changed in the camera, causing it to make everything darker. I’m clutching at straws here.

Jeremy Lezin

Just provide an actual image file and we can check whether it’s an issue with the image file itself or processing it.

Hi, @jlezin
Some experts of DFE has mentioned you in Facebook, “That’s normal.”

1)Before development

What software do you use? We use Lightroom Classic. It completely supports 16bit float HDR-DNG images.

2)After development

Too dark? Absolutely NO. There is no information in the part of highlights.

The result in GSV.

You should understand what you need to do, to develop it.

Good luck & AMA

I discovered that ON1 doesn’t work . . . .and that Lightroom Classic does. Problem solved! Thanks all for helping.

Jeremy Lezin

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