New feature! "AE Bracket" added in the shooting mode.[Z1 ONLY]

Since RICOH THETA app (iOS/Android) updated, we can much more easily, instantly and flexibly shoot multiple different exposure images than that of Multi bracket Mode.

RICOH THETA App Version Update Information | RICOH THETA

Basic app iOS ver.2.20.0, Android ver.2.5.0, Camera firmware ver.2.10.3

How to use:

  1. Set to AE Bracket in Basic app

  2. Settings of AEB mode
    (1) select shooting steps as below


(2) decide number of shots in 3-5-7-9. I recommned you to set “always 9”.

(3) Which do you prefer 0>->+ or ->0>+? mine is ->0>+

(4) Adjustment is made with ISO sensitivity when the maximum exposure time is reached. OFF is recommended.

(5) Self-timer is not needed. You can use wi-fi remote with preview in Basic app.

(6) CVR must be always “off” due to the feature for Big Thumb shooters.

(7) Input the Aperture/ISO/Shutter Speed manually or other methods.

*AWB is ok for RAW development.

  1. HDR Rendering

The HDR merged images in Lightroom Classic is always no problem when stitching in Ricoh Theta Stitcher. You do not need to use all the bracketing images. Just avoid the brightest/darkest ones.

***Noticed again; Uncheck “auto align”, otherwise RTS doesn’t work properly.

  1. Done!
    See the result in Google Maps.

DFE/DFR users should give it a try for AEB shooting and creating images. In case of low contrast you can make the panos with the single dng. And you can flexibly choose your favorite exposure, HDR, or #SingleDNG within the 9 shots.

  1. Notes

AE Bracket mode supports the format “JPEG” or "RAW(DNG). This means there’s no unwanted JPGs and no more damn thumbnails(equirectangular) embedded in .dng format. That’s why AEB is the real feature for the professional photographers.

Good luck!

I wish I could add this article in Ricoh Theta app List page. However, this website has not fixed “Images gone” issue yet. Please look it into again.


Thanks a lot for your great tutorial! As I don’t have a Z1 as of now, this information realy helps for making a decission. May I ask, if I understand this correctly? The output are the unstitched number of shot’s you did choose in the inteface? There is no “in camera” processing and combinig of the pictures? Which is perfectly fine for me, but would sometimes come in handy, if you like to produce a high quality Image “on the go”.

We need this for thetax X.

It goid for 3D VFX user!!!

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Oh, interesting. When I first tested the API, I didn’t realize that it only worked on the Z1.


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Hi @pzman_yang
Unfortunately, X is just a toy.


Hi @hkd
If you need “in camera”…, just use the normal mode.


If you haven’t bought the camera yet, you may want to review the information about this plug-in for the Z1 only:

AEB function is not provided by plug-in softwares. It’s one of the internal features. That’s the important point.

You don’t need to buy the extra Android app.


New example for AE Bracket shooting.
ISO80 Ev0 auto, 7 of 9 HDR merged in Lightroom Classic and final edit in Ps to remove the tripod. The shooter was hiding himself behind the small cabin.

Hope you enjoy


Wow. Nice job. Beautiful work.

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Thanks for the good explanation, you helped me a lot. I had overlooked 1 small detail, and that was Uncheck Auto Align . All works perfectly now.