Theta z1 - in camera white balance issues

Hi folks. I’m new here and spent some time trying to see if this has already been answered. My apologies if so. The only topic I could find close to it had more to do with post.

I’m having in-camera white balance issues. The two cameras are displaying drastically different color temperatures. I powered down several times, turned it back on, tried different rooms, lighting scenarios, manually changing white balance and importing into photoshop to see if it was just something with the app. Unfortunately, no fix.

The camera was working fine for 3 days straight and then this AM when I booted it up I noticed the issue.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I’ll be shipping this back with no replacement in the near future in sight due to backorder.

On the mobile app, is the white balance correction set the same?

If you’re going to return the camera anyway, it might be worth resetting all the internal camera settings.

I do not know if this camera works with the Z1.

If not, you can use a application like this:

The API you want to use is this:

This will clear any white balance saved settings from your camera.

@jcasman and I are building a mobile app to test features with the Z1. This reset feature is easy to add. For feature reference, are you on Android or iOS for your mobile phone?

The last time I tested for the accuracy of white balance and color temperature, the values were significantly off (see second posting):

Note that this was for an older firmware version and I haven’t retested with the current version.

I’m so tired of retesting new versions for possible fixes with Ricoh just listing unspecific ‘bug fixes’ in their release notes! :angry:

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Thank you @CorLeone and @craig.!! I really appreciate your quick replies. I will be reading through these thoroughly again and report back any news.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to keep the camera because the results even with the color profile being less than perfect at times are still far greater than most 360 cameras in its price range under good conditions.

I’ve also noticed that the difference is far more noticeable in the App than it is on the resulting photos on a 4k monitor. I’m going to experiment with a few things…

I will report back with some examples and results first chance.

Thank you both again so much!

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Please look at the pictures with software other than the mobile app. This will help isolate the problem to the camera or the mobile app. Other people have had some problems with viewing the image correctly with the mobile app. If it’s the mobile app, it may help to uninstall and then reinstall the mobile app.

You could open the two images (one from each Z1) up in Lightroom and see if the white balance messed up on the actual image.

If the image is quite different on two different cameras, it’s also possible that the camera settings are corrupted and can be reset.

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