Theta Z1 Focus Problem

I’m shooting with a Theta Z1 and I’m pretty new to this, all my images look like the attached pictures. I don’t know what’s wrong. Is it a setting or is my camera toast? The app is current, camera firmware is current, using Windows 10, these images were shot using the fisheye plugin (also current), it was a 9 shot DNG RAW bracket, using the timer, merged in photoshop, stitched in theta stitcher, and you can see the result. when I view the live feed from my phone half of the image is also out of focus. It’s always the lens above the display screen that’s out of focus. doesn’t matter what mode you shoot in photo or video.

I shoot with the dual fisheye plugin and have never seen this issue. Does it happen to the non-dual fisheye images that you shoot using the app? If so, I’d say your camera has a problem. I know that there is a way to shoot the two lenses individually, so you can stand on the other side for each shot, and thus be out of your finished image. But I don’t know if each lens can be focused individually. I’m surprised no one has answered this yet, but I bet Ricoh will make it right, if you send it back. The Z1 is a great camera in Dual Fisheye plugin mode. I hope you get this worked out soon! Cheers. Brian

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Thank you for the reply. I got some similar feedback on Facebook. I’m going to try to shoot with each lens individually and go from there. I get the same result photo or video na matter what mode I shoot in or what plug-in I use.

Contact official RICOH customer support.

It appears that something is wrong with the lens, either some type of oil coating or the lens itself. You can take a standard DNG shot (not bracketed) and see if a single DNG has clear views on both lenses. If not, you need to look into a return under warranty or through the seller (like Amazon).

You should be able to easily find DNG shots online from the Z1 to compare with your shot.

If you can’t find shots for comparison, I took some DNG shots for technical tests. I just walked around a store without planning any of the shots. You can see that each sphere is clear.

THETA Z1 Sample DNG RAW Images

You can also download the files and compare them to your own files. Other people likely have better files, but these are straight from the camera with default auto settings.

Thank you, the lens upon visual inspection seems fine I cleaned it with a high grade camera lens towel to make sure. The same lens causes problems regardless of what mode I use including video. After seeing your shots and comparing I’m now 100% certain I have a mechanical problem with the camera. I bought it on eBay, the seller had already been in communication with me and I bought the protection plan so I’ll get it figured out. It’s just going to cost me some time. Thank you for your well thought out thorough response!!

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