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Theta V issue? Images from lenses different exposures and not aligning

Hi everyone,. Hoping to get some advice on this. I have just bought a Theta V and on trying to take images I am finding that the images from the two lenses have different exposures and are not aligning. This is regardless of the source of light. I have the latest firmware installed. Is it a problem with the camera (it is brand new) or settings? Please help as I am hoping to do a client shoot in a few days.

Possibly the camera. Please post a larger screenshot and confirm that you didn’t edit the picture after you took the shot.

Do you have the same problem when viewing the image with the desktop application?

I have the same problem, the lens where the front shutter is, the photography is blurred and the other lens is not.

You have posted a screenshot of the preview - this does not show the stitching of the actual image!

This looks like a dejusted optical system.
Is this a new camera directly from the factory or second hand?
Was it misused? Dropped or thermical shock?

It is a new camera, it has not had blows, and it no longer has a guarantee. Any way to fix it?

I assume that the image quality was OK when the camera was brand new, right?
And from one day to the next it went bad without any obvious cause?

In case this really a dejusted optical system, it can’t be fixed:

Perhaps Ricoh will exchange your device at a reduced cost.