Time Shift Shooting Plug-in from RICOH - Coming Soon

There’s a script in Photoshop that takes the statistical average of a series of photos and allows you to pretty easily erase people in photographs. Good for crowded public spaces and tourist spots. On the new RICOH THETA Z1 main site (thetaz1.com/en), there’s good information on Z1 specs, “Share” (information on wireless live streaming, VR mode, Bluetooth support, Google Street View connectivity), and, in the Plug-in section, besides listing the RICOH-developed plug-ins for USB Data Transfer (adding external storage), Remote Playback (displaying images on a Smart TV and using the THETA as a remote pointer), Automatic Face Blur (privacy), and more, there’s this bit of info on a “coming soon” plug-in for Time Shift Shooting.

Anyone have any more info?