RICOH360 App Updated with new Time Shift Shooting!

Hi, folks!

RICOH360 app(iOS/Android) updated to ver.1.11.0 and support “Time Shift Shooting” without Plug-ins. And you can set “0 sec” timer for the front lens. This is big improvement.I’d been waiting for this since 2019.(lol)

You can grab the new shared url from the app.

Enjoy shooting!


Test shooting(1.Normal HDR & 2.Time Shift Shooting HDR)

I’ve tested the “Time Shift Shooting” feature of RICOH360 iOS app with THETA Z1(19GB).

  1. Normal shooting(HDR mode)

The shy shooter hid behind a pillar, however he always needs to stand near the camera. Because Z1 and the smartphone(app) are connected with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth for the remote control and GNSS(geo location).

  1. Time Shift Shooting(HDR Mode)

You can closely watch your Z1 and press the shutter icon with precise timing. The countdown starts and you quickly move to the other side of Z1. It’s very easy and useful.

  1. Result & Conclusion
    Press “Play” button at the right bottom corner to start gif.

Time Shift Shooting is one of the basic feature of RICOH360 app(iOS/Android). RICOH360 is the brand new official website for the mobile applications and web-based tools including 10GB free storage.

The sharable URL(Time Shift shooting / HDR)
App - RICOH360

I’d be insane not to use them!


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