Capture Ricoh THETA DualFisheye photos with Wifi Remote Control - now available!

Capture Ricoh Theta Dual Fisheye photos wirelessly with Wifi Remote Control - now available!
In this video I will show you 3 Ways to Control THETA DualFisheye Plugin!
It works on THETA V and THETA Z1


DualFisheye Remote Control APP
DualFisheye Plugin

No.1 Conventional Method with camera buttons.
FREE and Limited

No.2 Cable Switch with USB cable.
The Cable Switch will be RICOH CA-3 / JJC-RCA-2

No.3 DualFisheye Wifi Remote Control


@YuqingGuo, thanks for making these awesome videos. I’ve shared your new video on Twitter and Facebook. Have a great weekend.

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actually , I have a new video coming soon.
“5 Tips and Tricks on DualFisheye Plugins”

Definitely looking forward to seeing that!

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Playlist for DualFisheye Plugin
The Best Tutorial for you to master DualFisheye Plugin on THETA V and THETA Z1. From start to finishi , and STEP by STEP. Everything in detail!


Is it possible to use more than one plugin at a time. I’d love to do a dual fisheye hdr dng but one camera side at a time with the time shift. It’s so difficult to get out of the way especially in outside landscapes.

I don’t think you can combine the plug-ins to run at the same time.

Do you have a THETA V or a Z1?

Z1 maybe dual fisheye can add the time shift function for best of both worlds.

It’s technically possible to add that functionality into the plug-in