"Top of Mt Wheeler, New Mexico, 13,159 ft" by Jesse Casman

Title: Top of Mt Wheeler, New Mexico, 13,159 ft
Attribution: Jesse Casman
Location: San Francisco, California
Notes: RICOH THETA S, very outdoors, automatic settings, submitted in category Can’t Win (related to sponsor)


Where is the camera mounted?

I’m using a Manfratto monopole recommended by @BenClaremont and just holding it. (I’m the guy in the dark hat and dark jacket.) It’s extendable to 51 inches. I find it creates a better perspective by “floating” high above the subject and emphasizing the “360ness” of photos.

That’s a nice monopole. What made you buy it over something like this?

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A large part of my decision was a video review by @BenClaremont. We discussed price at that time (about 4 months ago, see screenshot below). I was looking for something that felt more professional, so paying more was fine. I had used one monopole before, and while it worked okay, it felt tinny and lightweight and would move around in light breezes more. Also, it wouldn’t compact down as much.