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Using Ricoh R for live streaming

I have been using live streaming in Ricoh Theta S for navigation applications. However, they have serious drawbacks in fluctuating framerate and heating which limits the duration of data acquisition. I would like to know if Ricoh R cameras would be a good alternative. Also, do you think I can acquire raw images in Linux based distributions such as ubuntu just like Theta S?
Thanking in advance for the reply.

The streaming from the THETA S is MotionJPEG. I believe the stream from the RICOH R is UVC, which is not currently supported from the Linux kernel. I have seen a demo of a libuvc driver for the RICOH THETA. However, the developer has not released it yet.

If the camera streams with MotionJPEG, Linux should be able to support it. If it’s using UVC 1.5, the camera will likely not work.

The THETA V also has problems with streaming 3840x1920 for long periods of time due to heat. You may need a fan. We’ve used it indoors streaming for 8 hours without a fan, but I have seen it crash.

Thank you for your reply. Do you think the libuvc driver would be released soon?