Using the Theta Z1 without a smart phone??

I have just taken delivery of a second-hand Theta Z1. Unfortunately, my current smartphone is too old to install the app. :frowning: [iPhone 6 with iOS 12 installed).

I will be getting a new phone in about 8 weeks’ time. I’ve worked out how to use the Z1 with self-timer direct from the device, but can’t work out how to tell the Z1 how shoot in RAW mode or how to change any of the settings such as exposure compensation.

Is there a guide anywhere with instructions on how to use the device without a smartphone? Even if the only thing I can do is change settings via my PC until I get the new phone.


Can anyone help, please?? Even a link to a manual showing how to control the camera from the device itself would help.

Here’s the guide:

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply. Sadly, that only tells me what I’ve managed to work out for myself. How to make a photo with the camera in ‘auto’ mode and produce a JPG file. What I need to do is to be able to change the exposure settings and most importantly to shoot in RAW.

what type of computer do you need to run the app on? Is it a Windows 10 laptop or a MacBook? Is it okay if you have to connect the laptop and phone with WiFi?

I have a windows 10 laptop. Is there a windows app??

I’m very aware that what I really need is a new phone - and that’s coming but not for a few weeks yet.

The person I am buying the Z1 from is being very patient and understanding, and I think I’m going to buy it from him. But I’d feel a whole lot happier if I could shoot a few RAW files in a few locations that I know will be challenging and see how it all works.

At this stage, I don’t care how fiddly it is to get RAW files out of it… I just need to run tests to make sure that it does what I think it will do in situations I am likely to be using it in… when I have the new phone to control it properly. For those tests, I can have the laptop connected via a cable and in shot if necessary - it’s a test, a proof of concept if you like. (Of course, a better solution would be to connect to laptop change the settings to raw, disconnect and shoot - but I can live with the former for the purposes of testing)

Thank you, Craig! That’s exactly what I need!! I’ve watched your video and downloaded the application. Its evening here in the UK, so I will have a proper play/test of everything tomorrow.

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To test DNG, you will likely want to stitch the RAW image. The stitcher is a free download for Mac/Windows. You can get it here.

Download | RICOH THETA

There is the most information on using it with Lightroom Classic CC. However, you can use the stitcher standalone if you are using other software to edit the light in the RAW image.

This plug-in is also popular.