Using USB API (MTP) on MacOS


Has anyone had any luck using the USB api on mac? I have installed libmtp but the camera is not recognized. Is there a ptp lib that works? Ideally there would be a python lib I could use but looking for any working ‘hello world’ example at this point.

Alternatively, is it possible to use libusb rather than ptp? I do see the device using libusb.



Have you tried libmtp on Mac with Python bindings?

I think I did get it working on Linux with the Python bindings. However, everyone seemed to be writing bash scripts, so I stopped. I think there were a few glitches with the Python bindings.

Does libptp not compile on Mac?

People have gotten it running in the past.


I did get libmtp and pymtp installed but it is not seeing the camera:

>>> import pymtp
>>> pymtp.MTP().detect_devices()


>>> mtp-detect
libmtp version: 1.1.16

Listing raw device(s)
  No raw devices found.

There are no Theta cameras listed as supported by libmtp.

libptp is proving difficult to build but I will try to get that working. Thanks!


For prototyping, can you use Vagrant or straight VirtualBox and run Linux inside the VM?

That way, you can test out your app concepts quickly instead of diving into compiling the library.

Maybe you can even deploy with Linux in a VM?


gphoto2 works well on linux and it seems to be installable on MacOs.
I haven’t a Mac but on Linux Raspbian I need to uninstall sort of automount to make it work


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Additional tests with Automount