VLC VideoLAN player 3 now have support and playes 360 media


You can play with the projections also by Zoom in and drag the 2:1 Video or Photo Sphere :fu:

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When I try to do an update through my currently installed version of VLC, it attempts to update me to version 2.2.8 “Weathermax”. Going to the VLC site directly allows me to download the new version with 360 support which is version 3.0 “Vetinari.”

Yes that is correckt
That is the Reason why i posted this news,
Version 3 Vetinari might come with an update later on

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Ok, got it. Thanks for confirming!

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I think The VLC team do it this way because they want a lite sponsering on PayPal.
On an ordenary update you do not get this reminder.