Davinci resolve 14



A professional free and an affordable more advanced version for Video editing


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Regards Svendus


Which features support editing 360° videos?
Is it possible to do transformations between different projections?


The free version of RESOLVE only support flat projection 2:1

but might be the payed version have the possibility to do transformations

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 (64-bit) it is possible to do transformations like little planet view

Note: CyberLink PowerDirector are not free

With Pano2VR You can make any 2:1 video interactive

Regards Svendus



Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 14 studio are the paid version and it beats many other Professional Video Editors with its color grading tool and its quick responses on PC Mac and Linux and the hardware supported render speed.
You pay for the application one time and there are no subscriptions.


Really cool video! I continue to be impressed by your amazing array of tools you have. Thanks for posting.


Well, the toys that you konstrukt and build yourself are the best, and we are totally impressed with DaVinchi Resolve’s performance and layout. I’m pretty sure that there will soon be an update with a 360-function in the application