Windows Desktop 360 Live Preview

Although there’s a great theta-client library from RICOH, I have not yet been able to get it to work with the Windows desktop.

To test the live preview of the RICOH THETA X, I had previously built a Flutter application that runs on desktop and mobile. After receiving a few questions about the project, I tested it with the Z1 and also enabled 360 view.

In the upper right of the application, there is now a button to switch between equirectangular and 360 view. To test the motion, I place my camera in front of YouTube video.


Below is an equirectangular view.


implementing 360 (panorama) view

return widget.is360
        ? PanoramaViewer(
            child: Image.memory(
              gaplessPlayback: true,
        : Image.memory(
            gaplessPlayback: true,

The heavy lifting is done by the panorama_viewer package.

I’m using a ternary operation for the boolean variable widget.is360. If the view is 360, then use the PanoramaViewer, otherwise display an Image.

The motionjpeg is a stream of bytes. I’m using a StreamBuilder to display the frames.

The example of extract each frame is here: