Z1 Outdoor Enclosure

Hi, new to the forum.

We are developing an outdoor solution with the camera permanently mounted on a boat, recording the trip. We need to protect the camera from the elements, overheating inside an enclosure, etc. I want to make sure we are not missing something that’s been done many times before. Is there an outdoor enclosure for Z1?

If not, would a cylinder work, or we really need a spherical dome? I understand that with a cylinder we lose the top, but that’s OK, as we don’t care about extreme north and south poles, if that helps the maintenence, image quality, and simplicity of design.

What about overheat protection? Are there coolers you know about that can be used in an enclosed space like that?


None that are commercially available that I know of. People have made custom enclosures that look like a globe.

Most solutions use either a globe or a cylinder with the top of the cylinder is a half-sphere.

There is going to be more heat in the enclosed space and heat is a problem. You can drill two holes in the base and run air from a small fan into one of the holes.

Are you streaming the camera or just taking still images? Please advise more on your use-case. Is it recording video to file continuously? Or, just used to take still images at specific points.

One idea is to use a globe for a desk lamp.

Thanks for all the suggestions! The lamp globe seems like a cool idea, but worried about the optical qualities of that sphere. Would not it destroy the image?

I guess we’ll have to run forced air to cool down the system.

We are not planning on streaming, although that would be super cool. We plan on doing short videos, time lapses, and stills to record the highlights of the trip. I saw your idea on removing the battery from X to help with overheating - will try that for sure. We do not need the battery anyway. We may also consider some custom metal heat sinks at the bottom.

Actual image is here:

It’ll be easier to have a successful outcome if it doesn’t stream since the stream will generate the most heat.

USB API will likely help the camera run cooler since you can turn off the Wi-Fi when using the camera. Also, turn off the LCD.

You may be fine with still images and short videos.