$3 Tripod Modification for THETA Live Streaming USB Cable

With $3 and 10 minutes of build time you can modify any tripod to work with the THETA S in live streaming mode with a USB cable plugged in.

At my local hardware store, OSH, I found all the pieces I needed to build an adapter that allows the micro USB cable to be plugged in while the THETA is mounted to a tripod.

  • 1 pc 1/4” by 20 pitch rod coupling nut
  • 1 pc 1/4” by 20 pitch threaded rod, 3 inches long
  • 2 pcs 1/4” by 20 pitch hex jam nut

Use one hex jam nut to lock the rod coupling nut in place. Use the other hex jam nut to lock the THETA in place.

You can now start 360 video live streaming and build an app for fun, knowledge and fortune.


Official extension from RICOH.


More professional. :slight_smile:

Issue is Ricoh India doesn’t sell these at all -_-

build it yourself.

  • 1 pc 1/4” by 20 pitch rod coupling nut
  • 1 pc 1/4” by 20 pitch threaded rod, 3 inches long
  • 2 pcs 1/4” by 20 pitch hex jam nut

This is my homemade one with THETA sticker taped on.

I’m in a metric country, all those pieces were impossible to locate so I made my own with tubing, elbow grease and araldite . They have become a set of skinny monopoles also for roaming interviews.


Nice job. How did you make the 1/4" by 20 thread-per-inch section? Did you have to machine it? Isn’t there a way to order 1/4" by 20 TPI studs online? It’s a standard tripod mount.

Are you using any type of rubber band or rubber gasket to keep the THETA snug on the monopole?

Brilliant craftsmanship.

The official Theta piece seemed excessively pricey and my local hardware store had some imperial screws and nuts so I just cut them down to be precise 3 threads deep to go inside the Theta and make it flush with rim of pole. I used pipe scorer cutter for perfectly flat cut poles and glued dowels inside to secure the nuts. The tiny leash is looped around fingers to give more security.

When holding it in a microphone position when filming it all disappears in the shot so no post production needed to remove the nadir.

Ive got a similar setup for a face height monopole on an extendable music stand which just stacks by gravity on tubes half inside each other but still is airplane carry on luggage portable.

My favourite hack for a tripod is still the suspended inverted theta on a fishing line to a stud 1/4 flap screw in the base.


There was another user here (@svendus) that’s done a fair amount of video work using a fishing pole, just like you describe. Here’s a screenshot, really showing the pole:

And the whole post with the video http://lists.theta360.guide/t/musicians-on-mikaeli-market/417?u=jcasman

PS. I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I like your name!

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Thank you. I stopped by my local OSH and since they are closing all the parts were 50% off making it even cheaper to build. Now to head up to Disneyland to try it out.


If you get a chance, post some pics after you get back. I’d like to hear - and see! - how it went.

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If you use two nuts at the top instead of a single nut, you can use wrenches to lock the two nuts together and have the top thread that goes into the camera at a consistent depth.


I am here at Disneyland, but wanted to share so here you go.



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Pretty cool tiny planet. Also impressed with your mad Instagram #hashtag skills. :slight_smile:

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Cool shot. You can also create a topic for tiny planets and post the pictures on this conference if you want to share with this community.

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Thank you Craig,
I am pretty new to the 360 world. A buddy let me borrow his Theta S earlier this year and then the girlfriend surprised me with the Theta V so I have been trying to learn and mix some 360 images in with my regular flat images that I post during my daily trips to Disneyland. The tough part is that selfie sticks are not allowed so I have to come up with other tricks.

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After buying an original Ricoh branded one from Japan, I thought about making my own and then got searching and found these reasonably priced ones.


Great for accessing the charging and HDMI ports whilst on tripods.


or make one yourself for $1

We made one from a 1/4 tum brass screw there was laying around in the workshop
and a pies of plastic pipe 2 in one
no 2 tin soldered copper wire into the screw sheaf :slight_smile:

0 sek.= 0 USD homemade are the best.

Thanks for sharing all these ideas. I just realized that I can use a rubber o-ring to get more grip between the tripod extension and the camera. I think have have a pack of these for fishing. I also think that those small rubber bands for teeth braces would work. Of course, I can just drive down to my hardware shop and buy some o-rings, but it might be nice to find a solution in my garage.

Using this light stand mini mini ball head (costs 2$)

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